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Certificates of Insurance

Contractor Insurance

2 min read

What Happens If My Subcontractor Leaves the Project?

Share: Just because your subcontractor’s insurance policy endorses you as additional insured does not mean that you necessarily have the full...

2 min read

Blanket Additional Insured vs. Additional Insured

Share: As a General Contractor, you need your subcontractors to list you as additional insured and as a subcontractor you likely want to be able to...

Certificates of Insurance

2 min read

Why You Should Check The Policy's Exclusions

Share: Just because a subcontractor gave you a Certificate of Insurance does not mean that they have all of the coverage needed to protect you. If...

2 min read

What Does Additional Insured Status NOT Do For Me

Share: It is very helpful to be an additional insured on your subcontractor’s insurance policy, but additional insured status is not a magic bullet...

3 min read

How to Spot a Fake Certificate of Insurance

GIVE YOUR FRIENDS THE GIFT OF A GREAT SOCIAL POST! IT'S FREE TO YOU AND PRICELESS TO THEM! Fake Certificates of Insurance (COIs) have caused problems...

Blanket Additional Insured

4 min read

What is Blanket Additional Insured?

Share: " Table of Contents \n \n Let's Review \n What is Blanket Additional Insured \n Requirements to be an Additional Insured \n Blanket Additional...

2 min read

My Name Is Not On the Certificate of Insurance...

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2 min read

Can a Certificate of Insurance Change My Coverage?

Share: A Certificate of Insurance, sometimes called a COI is simply a description of what the insurance policy actually says, it does not change the...

2 min read

Certificates of Insurance are Worthless

Share: Businesses often rely on Certificates of Insurance, assuming that if their subcontractor provides one to them, then they can trust that the...

2 min read

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

Give the gift of social medial today! If you work in a business that requires you to hire contractors or vendors, you've probably come across...