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How to get FREE Life Insurance with Erie Insurance

How to get FREE Life Insurance with Erie Insurance

Yes, truth be told, I said this because I thought it might make more people click on the link (and it did work for you!), but in actuality, it is very true.    We have a ton of clients in Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol who have been able to get a Free Life Insurance policy with Erie because of the built in discounts for bundling their Erie Home or Renters Insurance, Erie Auto Insurance, Umbrella protection, and Life Insurance with Erie Insurance.  Here is how it works:


Simple Steps to Your Free Life Insurance:

  1. Pick an Erie Life Insurance Policy: Choose a life insurance policy from Erie Insurance with a death benefit of least $100,000.  This can be an Erie Life Insurance Term Policy, an Erie Universal Life Policy, or an Erie Whole Life Insurance policy.

  2. Save on Erie Car Insurance: If the person whose life is being insured on the life insurance is also listed as a driver on the Erie Auto Insurance policy, so it can be a parent or even a kid, you get a special price cut on your car insurance.

  3. Save More with an Erie Home or Renters Insurance Policy: If the person named on the life insurance also has their home or apartment insured with Erie, you get another price cut!

  4. Many times, the savings you get on your Erie Home and Auto insurance policies are MORE than the cost off the life insurance!  Thus, you get a Free Life Insurance policy from Erie Insurance.  I was talking with a client in Johnson City the other day and when we crunched the numbers, they actually saved $20 a year AFTER they paid the Life Insurance premium!  Many of our clients even add an Erie Life Insurance Children's Rider that gives two great benefits.  We have a separate blog just on that topic right here.

why This is Awesome:

  • Big Savings: The money you save on car and home insurance can be more than the cost of the life insurance. So, it's like getting the life insurance for free!

  • Stay Safe and Save: You get to protect your family, home, and car, all while saving money. It's a win-win!

Want Your Free Life Insurance?

If you're thinking, "This sounds great! How do I get started?" it's easy! Just talk to us, and we'll help you get this amazing deal.

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In addition to the Children's Rider, Erie Insurance also offers a Guaranteed Insurability Rider that helps keep your Life Insurance Protection up to date with your income as you get older, all with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
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